5 Best Amusement Park In Chennai

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Amusement Park: Hi friends welcome to my best in Chennai zone Site. Are you searching for an amusement park in Chennai? Don’t worry here in this post we list the 5 best amusement park in Chennai. Chennai, the beating centre of South India, combines heritage, culture, and art. Aside from that, the city features many theme parks and rides to fill the weekend with fun and adrenaline overload. It also includes entertainment activities for every age group and in various areas, such as water and land.

Amusement Park In Chennai

The excitement and adventure of these rides ensure that you create lasting memories with your loved ones and keep your enthusiasm throughout the week. So, without further ado, let us learn about Chennai’s most excellent amusement parks listed below!

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5 Best Amusement Park In Chennai

If you want to take your family or friends to an amusement park in Chennai, here are some best recommendations:

1. MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee World is the ideal amusement park to visit if you are looking for adventure. The Big Wheel, Sky Glider, Rainbow, and more exhilarating rides are available at this park. In addition, Jurong’s Bird Show from Singapore is available here. Another attraction of this location is that it provides helicopter pick-up and drop-off service.

Address: East Coast Road, Muttukadu, Chennai.

Operational Time :

Weekdays – 10:30 AM To 6:30 PM
Weekends – 10:30 AM To 7:30 PM

Entry Fees: Children – ₹ 549, Adults -₹ 699.

See the Location on the map

2. Prime Time Theme Park

This is a popular indoor water park for youngsters. The park is modest in size, but it includes enough rides and activities to keep you entertained for the entire day. Children’s favourites, though, are the playpen. Prime Time theme park also has a vast green lawn scattered around the grounds, making it an ideal picnic area.

Address: East Coast Road, Nemmeli Village, Chennai

Operational Time:

Weekdays – 10:00 AM To 6:00 PM
Weekends – 10:00 AM To 6:00 PM

Entry Fees : Children  ₹ 550 , Adults ₹ 550

See the Location on the map

3. Monkey Monk

This is one of the best theme parks in Chennai to visit for thrill seekers. There are many sports available here, such as zip line,  ladder crossing, rappelling, Burma bridge, and so on, or you may have a garden, tent, or tribe party. In fact, it’s called monkey monk because you get to explore both your monkey and monk sides.

Address: ECR Road, Pattipulam Village, Chengalpattu,, Kancheepuram District, Chennai.

Operational Hours :

Weekdays – 10:00 AM To 6:00 PM
Weekends – 10:00 AM To 7:00 PM

Entry Fees: Children  -₹ 450 ,  Adults – ₹ 550

See the Location on the map

4. VGP Universal Kingdom

The VGP Universal Kingdom, Chennai’s largest theme park and water park, offers a variety of entertainment alternatives for all ages. This 45-acre amusement park features more than 50 exhilarating rides, a petting zoo, a private beach, and three restaurants. You may also attend events and live concerts here.

Address: East Coast Road, Injambakkam, Chennai

Operational Time:

Weekdays – 11:00 AM To 7:30 PM
Weekends – 11:00 AM To 7:30 PM

Entry Fees: Children  ₹ 450 to ₹ 845,  Adults  ₹ 550 to ₹ 945

See the Location on the map

5. Queensland

Queensland, which covers an area of 70 acres, is another amusement park in Chennai that you should not miss. The Free Fall Tower Ride is the main attraction at this location, drawing visitors from all over. Roller Coasters,  Centrox, Go Karting, Bumper Cars, and more adrenaline-pumping activities are available for adventurous daredevils.

Address: Sembarambakkam, Chennai-Bengaluru Highway, Chennai.

Operational Time:

Weekdays – 10:00 AM To 6:30 PM
Weekends – 10:00 AM To 7:30 PM
Monday -Closed

Entry Fees: Children  ₹ 450, Adults  ₹ 550

See the Location on the map

Final Words:

These are the 5 best amusement park in Chennai. we hope this post will be helpful in finding an amusement park in Chennai. If you like this amusement park post please share it with your friends. We regularly update my post so keep following my site for more amusement park in Chennai updates. Thank you.

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