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Best Barbeque In Chennai: Hi friends welcome to my Chennai blog. Are you searching for the best barbeque in Chennai? Don’t worry here in this blog we list the 5 best barbeque in Chennai. You’ll be given hot food on a platter with the charring of masala and the grill sizzling. Barbecue and its methods provide a unique sensation inside and outside your stomach. You couldn’t ask for anything more than the smell of the coal burning. While reading that, are you craving some grilled meat? You’ve come to the correct spot because we’ll walk you through the best barbeque in Chennai.

best barbeque in chennai

5 Best Barbeque In Chennai:

Barbeque Nation- Best Barbeque In Chennai:

Oh, the great Barbeque Nation! How are we going to avoid it? They have 7 locations in Chennai and are famed for introducing the limitless BBQ buffet offer! They are masters of the Do-It-Yourself idea. Choose your snack and they will deliver it to your table for you to cook to your taste. They provide veg & non-veg buffet selections. They also serve kebabs! Customer favourites include the malai paneer and mutton seekh kebab. If not, they have a variety of other alternatives to consider. If it’s your birthday, the waiters will sing you a song and give you a complimentary cake!

Address: No 39, Star City Serviced Apartment, near The Grand Sweets, Bazullah Rd, T. Nagar, Chennai-600017, Tamil Nadu.

Hours: 12–5 pm, 7–10 pm

Website: www.barbequenation.com

Phone: 8069028724

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Coal Barbeque-Best Barbeque In Chennai:

Coal barbecue is available at three sites in Chennai. Their buffet is the only part that calls you here. Buffets for lunch and dinner start at Rs. 653 for adults. Their grilled watermelons & honey garlic chicken were delicious. However,  mushrooms, paneer, salmon, & prawns are also available. Since it’s a buffet, you can walk around and try a lot of different main dishes and desserts.

Address: 17, 7th Cross Street, Rajalakshmi Nagar, Velachery, Chennai- 600042, Tamil Nadu.

Website: https://coalbarbecues.com/

Phone: 8448449928

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The Black Pearl-Best Barbeque In Chennai:

As much as Jack Sparrow liked his Black Pearl, we at Shollinganallur adore ours even more. You may eat between skeletons, under chandeliers, and also with Jack Sparrow & Barbossa at this Pirates of the Caribbean-style restaurant, which has live barbecue grills at each table. Their fiery Jamaican potatoes are delicious! Other vegetarian alternatives include gobi and mushroom potatoes. Non-veg can consume whatever type of meat they desire. Their original BBQ chicken wings were always my favourite.

Address: 100 Feet Rd, Periyar Nagar, Velachery, Chennai-600042, Tamil Nadu

Hours: 4 am–12 am

Phone: 8825653959

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Mexicano Griller-Best Barbeque In Chennai:

Mexicano Grill in Nungambakkam specialises in Mexican cuisine, particularly Mexican BBQ. You may choose from chicken, fish, prawns, or cottage cheese that has been coated with acidic and spicy sauces. There are also things like grilled Mexican chicken rice and grilled chicken tacos that are a mix of different styles. We do, however, enjoy their searing barbequed jerk chicken wings! Brunch and buffet choices are available.

Address: 61, Sterling, Avenue Rd, Seetha Nagar, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034, Tamil Nadu.

Hours: 11 am–11 pm

Phone: 04442021666

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Smoke Hub Barbeque-Best Barbeque In Chennai

At Smoke Hub Barbeque in Vadapalani, you can see your meal slowly burn & dribble from your mouth. You may order your fill of meat & enjoy the feast with live barbecue countertops at each table. The waiters will be at your table to assist you with the grill. Their lunch and supper buffets, which start at INR 699, are worth a look. Their honey BBQ chicken is just as wonderful as their American Corn grill. However, our favourite will always be the battered prawns! They also offer a live cooking station where you can create your own pizza.

Address: No.5, 4th floor, Prakasam Rd, Chennai-600017, Tamil Nadu.

Hours: 12–4 pm, 7–11 pm

Phone: 04446310909

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why it is called BBQ?

The term “barbecue” derives from the Taino language of a Caribbean Indian tribe. Barbacoa is their name for grilling on a high wooden platform.

Why BBQ is the best?

Grilling your meals is an excellent technique to increase the nutritional content of your meal. When opposed to baking or frying, grilling meat helps it retain more nutrients. Also, you eat less fat because all of the extra fat runs down through the grill.


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