5 Best Scuba Diving In Chennai

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Scuba Diving In Chennai: Hi folks welcome to my best in Chennai zone. Are you searching for Scuba diving In Chennai? Don’t worry here in this post we list the best Scuba Diving In Chennai. Scuba diving sends you to the magical Bay of Bengal and provides you with breathtaking views of the ocean floor. Scuba diving is absolutely on our bucket list, and we want to follow through on that commitment this year. This is a must-try for individuals who enjoy adventure, and we guarantee the experience will alter your life.

Scuba diving In Chennai

What Is Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is a type of underwater swimming. Scuba diving is mostly done to experience the allure of the unreachable undersea realm. We are unable to breathe underwater because we do not have complete control over this aspect of nature. As a result, scuba diving allows us to experience the undersea environment, although for a short period.

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5 Best Scuba Diving In Chennai

1. Dive Chennai

Dive Chennai, an hour’s drive away in Pondicherry, provides scuba diving for both novices and experienced divers. Dives are classified into three types: pool try dives, sea try dives, & certified dives. Prices start at INR 3,950, and all courses are globally certified.

Address: Casuarina Bay Beach Resort, Philp Thottam Kovalam, Chennai-603112, Tamil Nadu

Contact: 7397387776

Time: 6:30 am–6 pm

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2. Salty Bone Divers

From Chennai Port, this scuba diving school operates. The ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ course includes pool instruction and a 12-meter dive. The diving site is a shipwreck; the Deccan Pioneer is a 103-meter-long ship built in Japan that sank in 1988. The cost of this training is INR 7,500. They also provide a certification course. Pool training, video and audio instructional sessions, an exam, and a couple of days of training dives are all part of this four-day programme.

Address: 2/171,  Cholamandal Artists Village, Injambakkam, Chennai-600001, Tamil Nadu

Contact: 7397449781

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3. Barefoot Scuba

Kovalam (Covelong), our little fishing hamlet, boasts one of the greatest scuba diving institutes. Barefoot Scuba is one of the top scuba diving schools in Chennai, with five dive places and patient instructors. Scuba diving is available to both swimmers & non-swimmers.

Address:  Kovalam, Chennai- 603112, Tamil Nadu

Time: Closed

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4. Chennai Institute OF Diving

Address: 8/7, Krishnan Koil St, George Town, Seethakadi Nagar, Chennai-600001, Tamil Nadu

Contact: 04425219404

Time: 10 am–6 pm

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5. Ocean Delight Scuba

Address: 1/191 Carmel Nagar, Kovalam, Chennai-603112, Tamil Nadu

Contact: 9841486218

Time: 7 am–7 pm

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does scuba diving in Chennai cost?

Best scuba diving around Chennai costs between Rs. 3000 To Rs. 8000 per person on average.

Is beginner scuba diving safe?

Absolutely not! Every day, hundreds of people safely enjoy diving. It is a low-risk exercise, and children as young as eight may participate! You’ll methodically master all of the safety skills, including various pressure-resistance strategies for moving down or up to the surface.

Where can I get the cheapest scuba diving in India?

Talashil Beach in Malvan is an unknown and inexpensive scuba diving location. Malwan in Maharashtra, Tarkarli. Scuba diving in deep water is also inexpensive there. Andamans without hesitation.

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