5 Best Theme Park In Chennai

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Theme Park In Chennai: Hi folks welcome to my best in Chennai site. Are you searching for a theme park in Chennai? Don’t worry here in this post we list out the 5 Best Theme Park In Chennai. The beautiful theme parks in Chennai are a fantastic site to spend a day with family. To make it easier for individuals of all ages, the parks contain food courts, playpens, a children’s playground, playing fields, and verdant gardens. These incredible theme parks in Chennai are a primary source of entertainment for both children and adults. They offer a distinct atmosphere to the beach-dominated city and are located in various neighbourhoods.

5 Best Theme Park In Chennai

5 Best Theme Park In Chennai

1. VGP Universal Kingdom

The VGP Universal Kingdom, located on the East Coast Road in Chennai, is a magnificent amusement complex. In addition to the water park, the park’s primary attractions include water cascades, statue man, Paneer forts, and Millennium Tower. They also have a park with a snow theme.

Address: 49, Injambakkam, Chennai-600115, Tamil Nadu

contact: 8939700588

Time: 9:30 AM – 7:00

Website: http://vgpuniversalkingdom.in/

Entry Fees: Kids – Rs. 450, Adults – Rs. 550

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2. MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee World is one of India’s earliest and largest amusement facilities. There are thrill attractions with extreme levels of excitement, but there are also pleasurable ones. The park caters to all age groups and is one of the most prominent amusement sites in Chennai.

Address:  1/74, Muthukadu, Chennai – 603112, Tamil Nadu

contact: 9500063716

Time: 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Website: http://www.mgmdizzeeworld.com/

Entry Fees: Kids: Rs. 549 Adults: Rs. 699

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3. Queens Land 

Queens Land Amusement Park is situated on 70 acres in Chennai’s Poonamallee neighbourhood. In addition to its 51 magnificent water and land attractions, the park features a play area, a large food plaza, and a green space.

Address: Palanjur, Chennai-Bengaluru Highway,  Sembarambakkam, Chennai-600123, Tamil Nadu

contact: 04426811136

Time: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Website: http://www.queenslandamusementpark.com/

Entry Fees: Kids: Rs. 450 Adults: Rs. 550

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4. Kishkinta Theme Park

Kishkinta, located in Tambaram in Chennai, is one of the city’s most renowned amusement playgrounds. The venue is great for spending time with family & friends because it has a range of attractions and slides built for both children and adults.

Address: 82, Varadarajapuram, Darkas Ward – II, Kishkintha Main Rd, Tambaram, Chennai-600044, Tamil Nadu

Time: Closed

Entry Fees: Kids: Rs. 490 Adults: Rs. 650

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5. Monkey Monk

Monkey Monk is the best amusement facility in Chennai for outdoor activities such as rappelling, Burma bridge, zip-lining, tyre leap, valley crossing, and ladder crossing, among others. The expansive centre is ideal for a day trip with family and friends and is especially popular among adventure enthusiasts.

Address: No. 109, ECR Road, Pattipulam, Village, Chennai-603104, Tamil Nadu

Time: 7:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Entry Fees: Kids: Rs. 450 Adults: Rs. 550

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Final Words:

These are the 5 best theme park in Chennai. we hope this post will be helpful in finding a theme park in Chennai. If you like this theme park post please share it with your friends. We regularly update my post so keep following my site for more theme park in Chennai updates. Thank you.

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