Best Imax Theatre In Chennai – Luxe vs Palazzo

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Imax Theatre In Chennai: Hai friends welcome to our post. Are you searching for the best Imax theatre in Chennai? Don’t worry here we give the list of the best Imax theatre in Chennai. The IMAX Corporation is a Canadian media company that creates immersive theatre experiences. One of the most famous theatres in Chennai is the IMAX. The screen in the theatre is enormous, with high-resolution cameras, film formats, and film projectors. The screen area ratio is 43 mm or 90 mm. There are steep stadium seats available here.

Best imax theatre in chennai
This visually imposing stadium provides the most magnificent and absorbing feel-good theatre. It was a drastic change from the typical movie-going experience. Here is a list of the best Imax theatre in Chennai with Couple Seating for enjoying movies with your girlfriend.

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IMAX is Real In Chennai?

Many of us question if the IMAX theatre in Chennai has actual 70 mm screens or digital screens. The answer is negative, the IMAX screens here are not 70 mm screens since only films made at 70 mm screen size may be shown in IMAX theatres. However, the brand name has won the hearts and pictures of so many people that it is astonishing.

A Quick Overview Of IMAX:

The scary film, titled “Lawrence of Arabia and West Side Story,” was shot with the Super Panavision 70 camera and shown in 70 mm during special roadshow screenings. So, the IMAX company decided to modify the width of the film to 35 mm while keeping the height the same as in the original version. However, the received resolution was quite large, even for a 35 mm.

Then IMAX began to format the frame, so each frame was perforated wider to around 52 mm high by 70 mm wide, which was Nine times bigger than the IMAX 35 mm shot.

Though IMAX believes that sub-pixel precision is more crucial than Sony’s 4K projectors. In terms of sound, it achieved up to 14,000 W and 117 dB. As a result, the sound perceived throughout the hall is consistent.

Best Imax Theatre In Chennai:

These are the three best IMAX theatre in Chennai. However, remember! Real 70 mm IMAX theatre in India was located at Prasad Labs, which was placed in Hyderabad.

Palazzo Cinemas – Forum Vijaya Mall

best imax theatre in chennai

Address: 3rd Forum Vijaya Mall, Chennai-600026, Tamil Nadu

Contact Number: 088009 00009


Opening Hours: 10.50 am – 11.35 pm

See the location on the Map

Jazz Cinemas Luxe – Phoenix Market City

best imax theatre in chennai

Address: Phoenix Market City,142, II Floor, Velachery, Chennai- 600042, Tamil Nadu.

Contact Number: 044 4033 3344


Opening Hours: 9.35 am – 10.55 pm

See the location on the Map

PVR Cinemas – Grand Galada

best imax theatre in chennai

Address: PVR LTD, Grand Galada Mall, Kohinoor-2 Officers Line, Grand Southern Trunk Rd, Pallavaram, Chennai-600043, Tamil Nadu.

Contact Number: 88009 00009


Opening Hours: 10.35 am – 10.40

See the location on the Map

Jazz Cinemas Luxe Vs Palazzo Cinemas:

The Luxe IMAX is greater to the Palazzo IMAX. The following are the distinctions in each aspect of the Luxe and Palazzo IMAX cinemas’ amenities.


Luxe has a larger screen and shows 3D movies without the need for ghost images. The visual clarity is superb. However, when compared to DOLBY Cinema, the video format is insufficient. The screen is a DLP in Luxe with 2 projectors that overlap to create one picture.

Seat and space:

  • Luxe contains 30 seats in a row, but Palazzo only offers 29 seats.
  • The distance between the G and H rows is average in Palazzo but big in Luxe.
  • The distance between rows is greater than in a palazzo.
  • In Palazzo, the screens resemble a multiplex, however, in Luxe, the opposite is true.
  • Originally owned by Sathyam Cinemas, the seats are currently owned by Jazz Cinemas.
  • While the greatest seats for this visual and audio are the E, F, and G rows in both theatres.


  • The music is heard in both cinemas with 6.1-track digital sound and a 360-degree virtual sound experience.
  • There should be multidimensional physical speakers.
  • The only IMAX theatre available is at Pheonix Mall (Luxe), which is attempting to match the standards of US auditoriums.
  • Despite the limitations, it was stated that the IMAX in all sites had a good output in comparison.
  • In addition, as compared to other theatres, the visual brightness is great.
  • When compared to the original IMAX level of movie clarity, effect, and sound, 2 X 2K is only half the price.


Palazzo is less expensive than Luxe. IMAX cinema tickets are significantly more expensive than regular theatre tickets in Chennai. Despite the fact that the Tamil Nadu government has insisted on the following rules:

  • A movie ticket should not cost more than 120 rupees, regardless of the unique technology.
  • According to their rules, at least 5% of the total number of tickets must be offered for 10 Rs.

The IMAX experience is unique, and everybody should try it just once in their lives.
Considering the fact that IMAX tickets are more expensive than standard movie tickets, this is a fantastic experience.

The Truth About Our IMAX Theatres:

In Chennai, there are no true IMAX theatres. It’s an entirely digital film, converted from 35 or 30-mm film. The resolution, colour, and so on are projected using two projectors of comparable clarity, which eventually merge into a single image. Despite this, it is the entire pleasure; fun and safety are guaranteed with IMAX 100 percent, although, in other theatres, compromises may be detected.

The screen is likewise larger and superior in size. There is plenty of space between the rows and columns. To improve visual output for the viewing public, the entire theatre is set in a steep arrangement with an arch-like screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many IMAX screens are there in Tamilnadu?

Tamil Nadu presently has six IMAX theatres.

Which IMAX row is the best?

If the theatre was built to standards, the best location is always two-thirds of the way back from the screen. This is for the best possible audio experience. That is how surround sound operates.

Which is the biggest IMAX screen in India?

The movie screen is reported to be the largest IMAX screen in the country (64 ft height x 101.6 ft width), and it is reported to be installed in Screen Six of Prasad’s multi-plex.


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