Free IAS Coaching In Chennai 2023

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IAS Coaching In Chennai: Hai friends welcome to the best in Chennai blog. Are you looking for free IAS coaching in Chennai? Don’t worry here in this post I share the Free IAS Coaching In Chennai. Many UPSC civil services hopefuls in India are unaware that there are several institutes that offer free or subsidized coaching. These institutions are often managed by the government or by universities/charitable trusts. The list should only include the names of institutes that truly provide free coaching.

Free IAS coaching in chennai

There are several free coaching institutes available for UPSC test preparation. I’ll highlight a few that are well-known among aspirants. If you know of any additional trustworthy colleges, please leave a comment below to assist users.

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Free IAS Coaching In Chennai:

If you do not live in Chennai, your alternatives may be restricted to your own city. UPSC Exam Preparation Institutes that Provide Free Coaching But I’m sure preparing in your home town would be more difficult than preparing in Chennai. There will be several distractions from the rigorous preparation. Books that you require may not be accessible in your hamlet or town.

It will be difficult to discover a study circle that will continue to feed you in our own environment. We would be burdened by family issues. Many people have overcome similar difficulties and passed the UPSC, but it is best to avoid such problems if you have sufficient money to invest in preparation. Just go to Chennai and look for a free institute.

The free IAS coaching in Chennai will be available in the following centre.

Manidha Naeyam IAS Coaching Academy

Saidai Sa Duraisamy, a famous social philosopher and humanist, created the academy in December 2006. They give FREE UPSC & TNPSC test preparation. In other words, we assist students in preparing for the IAS, TNPSC, IPS, Civil Judge, and District Judge Exams. The institute’s major goal is to assist turn motivated students into good officials who will work hard to improve the country. Most of the time, the founder observed, a lack of financial support is the primary reason we see a reduction in the number of interested students in administrative services. Manidha Naeyam is one of the best Free IAS coaching.

Address: No.28, 1st Main Road, CIT Nagar West, Nandanam, Near Nandi Statue, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600035

Course Director: 994070110


See the location on the Map

All India Civil Service Coaching Centre

All India Civil Services Coaching Centre, a section of the Anna Institute of Management, exists to promote the requirements of young Tamil Nadu applicants for IAS, IPS, and IFS positions. In the year 2000, the Pre-Examination Education Centre established in 1966 to train SC/ST candidates with the Special Training Institute founded in 1971 to train BC & MBC candidates were combined and renamed All India Civil Services Coaching Centre.

Address: 163/1, P.S.Kumarasamy Raja Salai ,R.A.Puram, Chennai-28, Tamilnadu.

Contact No: 044 24621475, 044 24621909



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Queen Mary’s College UPSC Coaching centre

The UPSC Free Coaching Center was established in 2001 at Queen Mary’s College(A) and has been giving instruction ever since. This coaching centre aims to prepare female graduates for UPSC examinations. Every year, 60 students from around Tamil Nadu are chosen via an admission exam and interview. This is a free coaching centre financed by the Tamil Nadu government.

There is a library with 3000 books and PCs with internet access for the use of the trainees enrolled in this course. This program’s trainers include retired IAS officials, topic specialists, academics, and trainers from several IAS coaching facilities in Chennai. QMC is one of the best Free IAS coaching.

Address: Dr Radha Krishna Salai, Mylapore, Chennai -4.

Phone: 044-28442131


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CTTE IAS Academy

The CTTE IAS ACADEMY is the brainchild of our institution’s Managing Trustee and Correspondent, L Palamalai, Retd IAS Officer. The CTTE IAS Academy’s major goal is to provide instruction to female students so that they may sit for civil service exams.

The CTTE IAS Academy has given depth to our campus’s diverse and diverse profile by training eligible and motivated women students for entry into ALL INDIA CIVIL SERVICES through competitive Examinations conducted yearly by the UPSC.

Address: CTTE College for Women, 16, ST.Mary’s Road, Maryland, Sembium, Chennai-600011.

Mobile: 044-25375753


See the location on the Map


We do not endorse any of these organizations. We are creating a list specifically for poor students who cannot afford expensive coaching.

How To choose IAS coaching in Chennai?

To select a UPSC Tutoring Centre in Chennai, you must first conduct research on the best IAS coaching in Chennai. After that, go to the institute. Take a demo class before deciding on the top IAS Coaching in Chennai. Use this post about the finest IAS coaching in Chennai to further your studies.

Best IAS Coaching in Chennai

The Following centre is the best IAS coaching institute in Chennai

  • Shankar IAS Academy
  • Ganesh IAS Academy
  • officers IAS Academy
  • AICS IAS academy
  • smart leaders IAS Coaching Centre.

You can consider studying in any of the best IAS Coaching Centres in Chennai to prepare for the UPSC civil services test.

What is the greatest weekend UPSC coaching centre in Chennai?

If you are seeking the top weekend IAS coaching centre in Chennai, you can choose Shankar IAS Academy. They provide the finest weekend IAS coaching in Chennai.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the fee for IAS coaching in Chennai?

Fees for IAS coaching in Chennai range from 75000 to 1.3 lakh.

Is Chennai good for IAS coaching?

Chennai is Tamil Nadu’s state capital and is well-known for housing famous universities such as IIT Madras. It is, nonetheless, well-known across South India for having renowned IAS tutoring institutes. It is home to several of the city’s IAS institutes.


These are the place for free IAS coaching in Chennai. we hope you like this information to find the centre for free IAS coaching. we are regularly updating our posts. so keep following my site for more IAS coaching updates. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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