Inox Theatre In Chennai

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Inox Theatre Chennai: Hi folks welcome to our blog. Are you searching for an inox theatre in Chennai? Don’t worry here we list out the inox theatre in Chennai. INOX’s priority is to create appealing architectural designs that make the multiplexes seem aspirational while still fulfilling the ‘Experience’ promise. INOX is committed to managing a sustainable, responsible, and lucrative business endeavour and achieving new levels of operational brilliance, driven by its unrelenting desire to innovate and offer moments that customers will cherish. okay Now, let’s see the inox theatre in Chennai list.

Inox theatre chennai

About Inox:

INOX runs 720 screens in 169 multiplexes throughout 74 locations in India, making it one of India’s leading multiplex networks. The famed INOX Group’s entertainment enterprise, the firm began its adventure in 2002 with its first multiplex in Bund Gardens Pune and currently entertains 70 million people throughout the country yearly.

Over the process, INOX has established high standards for ‘Luxury,’ ‘Service,’ & ‘Technology’ in the movie sector. INOX thrives on innovation and has created several ‘firsts’ in the industry. INOX was the first theatre chain in the country to run a Laserplex, a multiplex featuring Laser Projection on all screens. In addition to the huge and immersive IMAX displays,

To keep ahead of the ‘Experience’ curve, INOX also maintains a keen focus on F&B and architectural design. INOX has handpicked a wide range of food and beverage ideas, cuisines, and menu alternatives.

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Inox Theatre In Chennai:

There are three inox theatres in Chennai. All the locations are something have a new look and ambience but all inox theatres in Chennai are the same screen quality and sound quality. So you can choose any inox theatre in Chennai and enjoy it with your friends and family.

Following are the 3 inox theatres in Chennai.

  • INOX -Chennai Citi Centre.
  • INOX -National,Virugambakkam.
  • INOX -The Marina Mall.

INOX – Citi Centre:

Inox theatre in chennai

Address: Dr R. K. Salai INOX Leisure Ltd., 3rd Floor, Chennai Citi Centre, Dr.Radha Krishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai – 600004, Tamil Nadu.

Contact Number: 9677294265



Opening Hours: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm

See the location on the Map

INOX National -Virugambakkam:

Inox theatre in chennai

Address: INOX Leisure Ltd., Third Floor, Chandra Metro Mall, Virugambakkam, Chennai  600092, Tamil Nadu.

Contact Number: 9176025501



Opening Hours: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm

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INOX – Marina Mall:

Inox theatre in chennai

Address: INOX Leisure Ltd., 3rd Floor, The Marina Mall, OMR Road, Egattur, Chennai – 603103, Tamil Nadu

Contact Number: 04440173060



Opening Hours: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm

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INOX runs Megaplex in the Inorbit Mall Malad in Mumbai, a multiplex with the world’s biggest number of film viewing experiences. INOX features Mumbai’s first Samsung ONYX LED screen inside the Megaplex.

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FAQs On Inox theatre In Chennai:

How many screens are there in INOX Chennai?

More than 10 screens are available in inox Chennai.

Which Is better IMAX or INOX?

IMAX wins the competition because it is more sophisticated and recent than INOX. Almost everyone nowadays enjoys watching movies in INOX or IMAX theatres. The sole disadvantage of these theatres is that the IMAX, which is the most modern, is more expensive than the INOX. These theatres are more sophisticated than INOX theatres.

Does INOX have Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos transports you to a new realm of sound at INOX. It draws you into the movie experience with magnificent, multidimensional audio that fills the theatre and flows all around you, moving your body, and soul.


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