5 Best PVC Pipe Manufacturers In Chennai – 2023 Update

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PVC Pipe Manufacturers In Chennai: Hi folks welcome to my best in Chennai blog. Are you searching for a PVC pipe manufacturers in Chennai? Don’t Worry here in this post we list the 5 best PVC pipe manufacturers in Chennai. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a well-known and flexible thermoplastic that is mostly utilized in piping and fittings for residential & commercial plumbing applications. PVC pipes are used in plumbing, agricultural irrigation, drainage, power and telecommunications networks, and ducting for heating and cooling systems in both the home and commercial sectors.

pvc pipe manufacturers in chennai

5 Best PVC Pipe Manufacturers In Chennai:

Here is the list of the 5 best PVC pipe manufacturers in Chennai.

Hirawat Industries

A term that has come to mean rigid PVC conduit pipe of high quality. Our years of experience making pipes have given us the reputation of being one of the best products and service providers in the area. Every part of our lives is shaped by our unwavering desire to meet the needs and wants of our clients.

Address: 7/6 TNHB Industrial Estate, Muthamil Nagar, Kodungaiyur Phase 2, Chennai-600118, Tamil Nadu.

Phone: 9841123747

Email: hirawatindustries@gmail.com

Website: http://www.aeroplastpipe.com/

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Sri Kirthika Pipes Pvt Ltd

Sri Kirthika Pipes Pvt Ltd makes every attempt to provide our customers with world-class pipes and fittings. SRI KIRTHIKA PIPES PVT LTD has emerged as an industry leader in terms of prompt delivery and quality. We have made a position for ourselves in the market as one of the top pipe suppliers in south India since our inception, providing our all to satisfy the diverse demands of our clients with ease. As one of the most dependable pipe providers, we firmly believe in doing a multistage inspection of each component to ensure the longevity, quality, and accuracy of their pipes and fittings in all spheres of household, agricultural, industrial, and other sorts of pipeline applications.

Address: 7/4, Kondi Chetty Street, Parry’s Corner, George Town, Chennai- 600001, Tamil Nadu.

Phone: 04425393257

Email id: info@kirthika.in

Website: http://www.srikirthikapipes.com/

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Star Pipes & Fittings

STAR Pipes and Fittings are constantly improving technologies. We use the most advanced world-class equipment. Our computerized quality control lab and logistics division speak loudly about our desire to stay current. But for us, technology doesn’t stop at our facility. We take it to the fields of agriculture and to the places where people live. We work with specific research groups that are making new technology for irrigation and water distribution. All of this shows in how well-made and popular our products are.

Address: 87, Thambuchetty Street, Chennai-600001, Tamil Nadu.

Phone: 04425220102

Email id: info@starpipes.in

Website: http://www.starpipes.in/

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Sunplast Pipes

Sunplast can provide ISI CPVC Pipes and Fittings, UPVC Borewell Column Pipes, UPVC Pipes and Fittings, ISI PVC Agri Pipes, Water Tanks, Drums, and PVC Electrical Conduit Pipes. SUNPLAST is a fast-expanding brand in the PVC plumbing and water tank sector.

Sunplast has been on the market for over 20 years and is well-known and respected among plumbers and others. Sunplast’s reputation has been based on superior quality and service.

Address: 7, Kondi Chetty Street, Parrys, George Town, Chennai- 600001, Tamil Nadu 600001

Phone: 04425393257

Email id: pipes@sunplastpipes.com

Website: http://www.sunplastpipes.com/

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Prince pipes

We are devoted to continuous innovation in plumbing, irrigation, and sewage technology in order to fulfil the nation’s ever-increasing water demands. Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd. works tirelessly to prepare the path for a future in which clean water is available to everyone and everywhere, from the tiniest villages to the greatest metropolis.

Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd. is continually expanding its pan-India distributor system in order to be near to its clients and ready to meet their demands.

Address: 99, 4th Road, S I D C O Industrial Estate, Villivakkam, Chennai-600049, Tamil Nadu

Phone: 04426174338

Website: https://www.princepipes.com/

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which PVC pipe is strong?

Schedule 40 PVC is strong and rigid, and it can be used in places where there is pressure. Schedule 80 pipes, on the other hand, is better for jobs that need higher pressure.

Which pipe is best for house construction?

A flexible plastic pipe technology that is quickly gaining favour. Though the initial cost is greater, the low maintenance cost combined with a speedier installation procedure makes it one of the safest options and the most leak-free solution for building water distribution.


These are the 5 best PVC pipe manufacturers in Chennai. We hope this PVC pipes information is useful to you. If you like this PVC pipe manufacturer’s information then share it with your friends. Keep following my blog for more PVC pipes updates. Thank you for visiting my blog.

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